TRANSISTOR IGNITION AMPLIFIER BOX MODULE (Part #VTR6571AM) INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS Originally, there were four Transistor Ignition Pulse Amplifiers produced by General Motors. Internally, the circuit board layouts, connections and components were all the same. The main difference between the modules was external and determined by whether or not the amplifier included an integral wiring harness, which extended out of the amplifier housing, or accepted a harness that would plug in directly to the amplifier housing body. Three of the four original amplifiers included an integral wiring harness extending out of the housing. The differences in these three amplifiers were determined by the color coding of the three wires within the harness, type of connector on the end of the harness and the part number stamped on the amplifier housing. The Transistor Ignition Amplifier Box Module is a drop-in replacement and upgrade for the electronics used in the original Transistor Ignition Pulse Amplifier. The easily installed Module fits inside the stock housing and does not require any changes to the wiring. The result is "state of the art ignition technology with an absolutely stock appearance". Here are some of the advantages of this module: Higher Output Voltage - Generates twice the coil primary voltage of the stock unit for up to 10% more available secondary voltage with the factory T.I. coil. Also provides satisfactory performance when used with point type coils or after market performance coils. Output Protection - Output protection of the unit against failure caused by broken or disconnected spark plug wires. The original unit does not provide this protection that caused many of them to fail. Temperature - Extended operating temperature range to over 300 degrees Fahrenheit, were as the stock unit has 160 degrees Fahrenheit limit. Construction - Premium quality components housed in an aluminum shell and potted with a thermally conductive epoxy for superior heat dissipation and outstanding resistance to vibration, moisture and corrosion. LIMITED WARRANTY Lectric Limited, Inc. will repair or replace the enclosed transistor ignition module in the event of a manufacturing defect for one (1) year after the date of original purchase. Warranty service can be obtained during the warranty period by calling Lectric Limited (708) 563-0400, to obtain an R.M.A. (Return merchandise Authorization) Number. A return or exchange will not be accepted without an R.M.A. number. This warranty does not cover the postage, freight or delivery fee for sending your Transistor Ignition Module to and from our service facility. A purchase receipt or other proof of original end us er purchase will be required before warranty service can be rendered. This warranty covers normal consumer use, and does not cover damage which occurs in shipment or failure which results from alteration, accident, misuse, abuse, neglect, installation or improper maintenance. Under any circumstances, the liability of the manufacturer shall be limited to the original cost of the transistor ignition module paid by the end user, and the manufacturer shall not be liable for any consequential or incidental damages which occur as a result of the use of any of our transistor ignition modules. This limit on liability may vary in your state, and you may have additional rights and/or remedies depending on the state in which you live. IMPORTANT WARNING! The enclosed Transistor Ignition Amplifier Box Module is warranted to fit the specific original equipment amplifiers identified in the enclosed instructions. Do not alter or modify the unit without consulting the manufacturer. If the Transistor Ignition Amplifier Box Module is altered in any way, all of the enclosed stated warranties will be voided. If you experience any difficulties with installation, operation or wire color variation of the transistor ignition module, DO NOT ATTEMPT ANY MODIFICATIONS OR INSTALLATION WITHOUT FIRST CONTACTING OUR TECHNICAL SUPPORT LINE. If you have any problems, such as situations mentioned on the follow ing pages, DO NOT RETURN THIS MODULE UNTIL YOU HAVE CONTACTED OUR TECHNICAL SUPPORT LINE. Most problems encountered with this module are found elsewhere in the T.I. system, including the wiring.

Lectric Limited Technical Support Line: (708) 563-0400 Monday - Friday - 9AM to 4:30 PM Central Standard Time

Instruction Sheet # INS8263 (4 OF 4)


Rev ision Date: 4/2013

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS. READ FIRST BEFORE INSTALLATION! 1. Check the package for any shipping damage. If you observe any signs of shipping damage, stop and notify the shipping carrier immediately. The shipping carrier will investigate any damage and process your damage claim. Do not return the Transistor Ignition Module to us until your claim has been resolved with the carrier. If the unit arrived intact, proceed with the installation. 2. Remove the six (6) screws holding on the back cover to the Amplifier housing and lift it off, exposing the internal circuit board (Figure #1). Use caution to avoid damaging the gasket on the underside of the cover. 3. Remove the 3 (three) screws (labeled A through C in Figure #1) holding dow n the existing circuit board. Remove the three (3) wires and terminals from the circuit board. Remove the old circuit board from the amplifier housing and small transistor located in a hole in the housing near screw hole "C" in Figure #1, also remove the small divider plate located in hole were transistor was removed. Make sure the inside of the Amplifier housing is clean and free of dirt, grease or obstructions, otherwise clean thoroughly before installing the new transistor ignition module. If there is any casting burr on the inner surface of the Amplifier housing, you must cut, grind or remove it in order to keep the two surfaces flat. DO NOT apply any grease or other material between the two surfaces. WARNING:

It is very important that the new transistor ignition module makes complete unobstructed contact with the bottom of the amplifier housing as it is a heat sink and an electrical ground for the module.

4. Install the new Module into the Amplifier housing, lining up the three (3) holes (as indicated in Figure #2 by A*, B*, C*) and secure in place with the three screws (as indicated in Figure #1 by A*, B*, C*) that previously held the old circuit board in place. WARNING:

It is very important that the module is properly grounded or you will experience problems with the unit such as intermittent or missing spark. When installing the module, the three hold down screws securing the module to the amplifier housing must use serrated type lock washers that bite into the aluminum module housing to insure a solid ground. If these are missing, install new serrated type lock washers. It is suggested that you sand the gold colored plating were the screws make contact with the module to insure a proper ground.

5. Using the original Transistor Ignition Pulse Amplifier part numbers and color code descriptions on the following page, install the appropriate wires to the new module one wire at a time. If your wires are a different color or if you have any questions, stop with your installation and call our technical support line before proceeding. It is extremely important that you have properly hooked up the correct color wires to the terminals specified on the following page. If this is not done correctly, you will damage the module and void your warranty. On late production original equipment 1968 Corvette amplifier's with external pigtails (stamped 1115343 on one of the bolt mounting bosses) you must check wire positions on the molded connector at the end of the pigtail to verify that the black and pink wires occupy the same position as on the mating connector from the T.I. harness. (this may require an ohm meter or continuity tester) If you have one of these cars and are not sure, please call our tech support number. WARNING:

Do not bend the male blades on the module when attaching the wires. In some cases it may be necessary to loosen the harness retainer and reposition the rubber grommet holding the harness to the amplifier in order for the incoming wires to mate to the male blades. If bent, the terminals will snap off and subsequently void your warranty.

After you plug the wires onto the male blades on the new module, you must make sure there is a clean, tight connection between the male blades and the female terminals on the wires. If your original terminals are corroded or damaged you must replace them with a commercially available female terminal designed to plug into a .187 wide x .020 thick male blade. If this connection is not tight, you will experience intermittent problems with the module. WARNING:

Do not attempt to solder wires directly to the male blades on the module. By doing so you will heat the terminal and melt the solder on the circuit board underneath the epoxy, damaging the unit and voiding your warranty.

6. The male blades in the new Module protrude straight out. After you have installed the wires from your Amplifier housing into the new Module, verify that the terminals do not short against the back cover and cause damage to the circuit board. Avoid bending the male terminals on the amplifier module as they might break and void your warranty. WARNING:

The three (3) terminals on the module must be free of contact with any internal metal parts, such as the amplifier housing cover or the module casing itself. If the spacing between the inside of the rear cover and the terminals is marginal, you may apply a 2 inch wide layer of duct tape to the inside of the rear cover to prevent any possible contact. If necessary, carefully bend the male blades a slight amount to clear any obstructions.

7. Re-install the back cover and gasket, applying a little grease on each side of the gasket to provide a waterproof seal. 8. Install the assembled amplifier unit back into the vehicle, making sure the amplifier is properly grounded with wires from the transistor ignition harness and that all connections to the Transistor Ignition Harness are complete.

Instruction Sheet # INS8263 (4 OF 4)


Rev ision Date: 4/2013


If you are installing the module in a Corvette, were the fiberglass body, engine, radiator core support, and transmission are rubber mounted and insulated from the frame, you must make sure that all of the original ground s traps (from the engine to the frame and the frame to radiator core support) are properly installed. If the unit operates with intermittent or missing spark after installation, you may temporarily install a separate ground wire from the negative battery post to the amplifier housing to test for a bad ground situation. If this does not help, please call for technical support assistance.


Verify that your Transistor Ignition wiring harness has not been altered or modified in any way. Pay close attention to the 2 white cloth-coated 12 gauge resistance wires in the harness (one to the coil & the other to the pink wire from the ignition switch). Refer to the factory assembly manual in the K66 section for the correct harness installation procedure and wire orientation. If these resistance wires have been cut, spliced or altered in any way, the voltage supply to the module will be increased beyond specifications. This will damage the output transistor in the module and void your warranty.

In the event that there is damage to any of the Transistor Ignition Harnesses or ground straps, Lectric Limited, Inc. manufactures and stocks a complete inventory of replacement Transistor Ignition Harnesses and ground straps for all makes and models utilizing the stock factory transistor ignition system. Lectric Limited, Inc. also manufactures a complete line of replacement harnesses for the entire vehicle. Call us for information concerning replacement harnesses or for an authorized dealer near you.

IDENTIFYING ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT MODULES On Transistor Ignition Amplifier housings, there is a part number either stamped (original equipment) on the bolt mounting boss or printed (service replacement) on the outside housing for identification. Listed below are the original part numbers, descriptions and wire color codes necessary for installation of the new Transistor Ignition Amplifier Box Module into your specific T. I. Amplifier housing.

There are three (3) wires located inside your T.I. Pulse Amplifier. GM Part# 1115343, Late 1968 & UP Chevrolet, All (with external pigtail & molded connector) PINK (resistor) = connect to terminal 1 GRAY (distributor) = connect to terminal 2 BLACK (ignition coil) = connect to terminal 3 GM Part# 1115005, 1964 to Early 1968 Chevrolet & 1964 Pontiac (with connector on top of box) BROWN (resistor) = connect to terminal 1 WHITE with GREEN STRIPE -or- solid GRAY (distributor) = connect to terminal 2 BLACK (ignition coil) = connect to terminal 3 GM Part# 1115007, 1965-66 Pontiac (original equipment type installed in car) BLACK with PINK STRIPE -or- solid PINK (resistor) = connect to terminal 1 BLACK with WHITE STRIPE -or- solid BLACK (distributor) = connect to terminal 2 BLACK with RED STRIPE -or- solid WHITE (ignition coil) = connect to terminal 3 GM Part# 1115008, 1965-66 Pontiac (service part originally sold to replace Part# 1115007) BLACK with PINK STRIPE -or- solid PINK (resistor) = connect to terminal 1 BLACK with WHITE STRIPE -or- solid BLACK (distributor) = connect to terminal 2 BLACK with RED STRIPE -or- solid WHITE (ignition coil) = connect to terminal 3

Instruction Sheet # INS8263 (4 OF 4)


Rev ision Date: 4/2013


TOP VIEW OF NEW TRANSISTOR IGNITION MODULE Terminal 1 = POWER (RESISTOR) Ignition Switch Terminal 2 = DISTRIBUTOR Terminal 3 = COIL (Positive +) TROUBLESHOOTING: If you are experiencing a problem with your new T.I. module, 99.99% of the time the problem lies in the female terminals of the Amplifier Box Extension wiring. This wiring connects the module to your wiring harness. This is the weakest link in your T.I. system. Over the years, the spring-tension on these female terminals will loose their "grip" on the male terminals they connect to. A voltage drop of only a 1/2 volt can cause your module to fail. We highly recommend that the Amplifier Box Extension wiring be replaced when installing a new T.I. Box Module. Don't fool yourself into thinking "My old wiring looks good. It'll be fine". It probably won't be! Lectric Limited offers many different T.I. Amplifier Box Extensions: Lectric Limited part #VTR6468BXT is for 1964 to early 1968 Corvettes, 1966 Chevy II/Nova, 1964 Tempest/Le Mans/GTO, 1964 Pontiac Full-Size. Part #VTR6871BXT is for 1968 (2nd design) thru 1971 Corvettes and 1969 Camaros. Part #41129 is for 1965-66 Tempest/Le Mans/GTO. Part #90273 is for 1965-66 Pontiac Full-Size. Part #90271 is for 1963 Pontiac Full-Size, Tempest/Le Mans/GTO. Instruction Sheet # INS8263 (4 OF 4)


Rev ision Date: 4/2013



TRANSISTOR IGNITION AMPLIFIER BOX MODULE (Part #VTR6571AM) INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS Originally, there were four Transistor Ignition Pulse Amplifiers ...

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