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With a constant flow of accurate data powering highly targeted campaigns, uSwitch has turned around its lead generation programme. A carefully selected data stream gives uSwitch access to more new prospects than ever, in a carefully measured and controlled way that saves the company time, builds positive customer relationships and increases conversion rates.

The company uSwitch.com is one of the UK’s leading price comparison companies. They offer a free, impartial comparison and switching service that helps customers to compare prices and save money on a range of products and services, from gas and electricity to broadband and car insurance.

A strong, streamlined data flow Persuading new and existing customers to switch utility suppliers requires communication from uSwitch to be relevant and targeted. But working with inconsistent lead generation data from three different suppliers on three separate contracts was time-consuming and made such customer targeting extremely difficult. Simon Hills, Head of Marketing at uSwitch.com, says, “The administration required to work with three lead generation data sources was excessive. We needed a company to take over the management of a single data collection strategy to ensure we were making the best use of the data sources available in the most efficient way.” Following an assessment period, uSwitch began a four month testing process with Acxiom to monitor the benefits of using a single data buying source. Simon explains, “We chose to run this trial with Acxiom as we respected the company’s knowledge and market position and liked the way the team worked with us at an early stage.”

The challenge Streamline lead generation data to reach customers more effectively and efficiently through a managed data programme.

Our response Creation of a single, targeted and high quality data stream, fully managed to support the uSwitch lead generation programme.

The impact Time is saved, the email universe has grown, and tailored communications maintain positive customer relationships and increase conversions.

Moving forward The lead generation solution is set to continue maximising results and revenue at uSwitch.

Instantly connecting with customers Initially, data from uSwitch’s existing suppliers was redirected straight to Acxiom. It was then screened for incorrect email addresses, deduped to eliminate duplications across new and existing data, and set up to trigger an automatic email to new prospects. Hugh Stevens, Client Director at Acxiom, explains, “Screening out customers, unsubscribers and undeliverable email addresses in real-time gave uSwitch completely new data to improve each new campaign.” Following this successful test phase, Acxiom began managing uSwitch’s lead generation data. A single, high quality, sourcetagged data stream was set up – created from a small group of trusted suppliers together with information from Acxiom.

Information from the new data stream is securely posted onto the uSwitch email system, generating instant welcome emails and giving the best possible chance of making a customer conversion. “Previously, several days could elapse between someone registering their interest and receiving an email from us. Now, potential customers receive immediate messages while switching is fresh in their minds, making them more likely to act,” Simon explains.

Carefully tracked results Data from the stream is also used within uSwitch’s eCRM (Electronic Customer Relationship Management) programme. Here it enables the products people are comparing and buying to be tracked, making for more straightforward reporting and business planning. Hugh comments, “Acxiom actively generates opportunities for the uSwitch email universe, giving it a larger market to target. This is handled in a very measured manner, with responses tracked, and return on investment and profit levels calculated. Additionally, with managed data coming in as a single stream, costs are now consistent. This enables more controlled budgeting and campaign planning across the year, while ensuring uSwitch achieves a steady rise in revenue generation.” Simon says, “Our email marketing has benefited from Acxiom’s expertise in sourcing and managing reliable data. Outsourcing lead generation activities has given us more time to focus on campaigns. And with that extra time we’ve been able to test and develop bespoke lead generation welcome programmes to optimise initial email engagement, click through and revenue generation.”

Segmenting the market, maximising results Making the uSwitch data work even harder, Acxiom uses its Personicx segmentation solution to ensure that campaigns are targeted to the right audience. “Each record is tagged by the tool to segment customers based on in-depth lifestyle, demographic and behavioural profiles. This enables uSwitch to tailor emails to suit specific consumers and drive the most appropriate marketing to them,” Hugh explains. “Personicx allows us to work flexibly on a range of campaigns and markets, tailoring our marketing to the individual customer and making each communication relevant. This helps us to maintain better customer relationships by creating a feeling of

“Personicx allows us to tailor our campaigns to the individual customer and make each communication relevant, helping us to maintain better customer relationships.” Simon Hills, Head of Marketing, uSwitch.com

greater involvement with the uSwitch brand – ultimately helping us to maximise switches,” adds Simon.

A long-term approach Looking to the future, Acxiom and uSwitch have now agreed a 12-month contract, which will enable more efficient planning and structure over a longer period of time. Acxiom are immersed in delivering profitable and sustainable data across multiple suppliers. Simon concludes, “We have a very strong and evolving two-way relationship, working as partners to constantly improve our data and the lead generation programme it supports. The 12-month contract speaks volumes about our commitment to continuing work with Acxiom.”

“With the extra time we have to focus on campaigns, we’ve been able to design a new cross-selling campaign that’s generated a record click-through rate, increased activity on uSwitch.com and additional, revenue generating energy switches.” Simon Hills, Head of Marketing, uSwitch.com

Want to know more? To find out how Acxiom can accelerate your business, visit acxiom.co.uk or call us at 020 7526 5265 Acxiom 17 Hatfields, London SE1 8DJ acxiom.co.uk

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Switch - Personicx

Casestudy Switch to Lead Generation that Works With a constant flow of accurate data powering highly targeted campaigns, uSwitch has turned around ...

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