Salary Review 2013 - Huron-Kinloss

The Corporation of the Township of Huron-Kinloss


Mayor Twolan & Members of Council

Subject: Date:

Job Evaluation/Salary Review 2013 July 29, 2013

Prepared by:

l Huron - KinlossJ

"--/ General Committee: August

t h , 2013


Council: Attachment:

Mary Rose Walden, Administrator

E.Dean & Associates Proposal

File No.

Salary Review 2013

RECOMMENDATION That Council approve hiring EDean & Associates to complete the Job Evaluation/Salary Review as per the request for proposal for $8,218.00.

REPORT Council approved moving forward with a Job Evaluation/Salary Review. The review is to reflect the current market and pay equity of the salary grid with an effective date of January 1st, 2014. We have requested a cost of completing the project from E Dean & Associates. The cost provided is $ 8,218. Budget is $10,000. A detail of the project is included in the attached consultant report. This includes conducting a salary survey of fourteen municipalities approved by Council, preparation of a seven-step grid , evaluating positions using the Jobchart System and addressing pay equity legislation . As you can see by the proposal the costs may increase or decrease slightly. E Dean & Associates were instrumental in setting up the municipality's human resource program and we highly recommend utilizing them again.

Respectfully Submitted: Administrator

Page 1





July 30, 2013 Mary Rose Walden Administrator Township of Huron Kinloss Box 130, 21 Queen Street Ripley, ON NOG 2RO

Sent bye-mail Re: Job Evaluation/Salary Review Project Dear Mary Rose: Thank you for the opportunity to respond to your recent request for consulting assistance to undertake a review and updating of the existing Job Evaluation Plan and Salary Review. We have completed similar reviews, salary surveys and pay equity updates for many municipalities such as Callander, Wainfleet, Hanover, Georgian Bluffs, and Brockton. We can provide an effective solution to assist the Township of Huron Kinloss to update and maintain their job evaluation and compensation program. The following outlines our suggested approach and costing. Please feel free to contact me if you require additional information, changes in the proposal or have any further questions. Respectfully submitted:

225 Lakeshore Road , Meaford, Ontario , Canada N4L 1W5 (519) 538-4391 Fax (519) 538-2735


E . D~


A Proposal to the Township of Huron Kin loss


July 30, 20 13 Page 2

Project Requirements: Our Understanding of the Project Requirements It is our understanding that the last full update of the Township of Huron Kinloss job evaluation program was completed in 2006 by the Administrator. We understand that some positions may have changed since that time and new positions have been added. The Municipality has since January 2013 worked with non union staff to update their job descriptions. The Municipality would like the Consultant to: 1. Using the updated job descriptions from 2013, undertake a salary and benefits survey for non union positions. 2. Evaluate all non union positions using the Jobchart system. 3. Using information from the compensation review and the results of the job evaluation process, prepare a recommended updated salary grid for non union staff. The following is a suggested outline of Phase I activities. PHASE I

Step 1 • • • •

• • • • •

Initial Assessment and Recommendation Data and Information Gathering A review of all available related written salary administration or related policies, procedures, data and information. Review current state of job descriptions, new or revised positions and amount of changes that have occurred since the last review .. Review how the current job evaluation system 'Jobchart' is being used, ease of use, history of job evaluation results and level of documentation Obtain feedback from CAO and managers on salary and benefits administration concerns, impact of current salary administration policies and practices as they relate to compensation, recruitment and retention. Review if there are any current concerns related to pay equity maintenance and salary administration. Review of Pay Equity Plan(s) maintenance activities. Identify any positions that there may be concerns with regarding current job evaluation, internal/pay equity, compensation, etc. Undertake an analysis of all the findings. Based on results, make any recommendations to workplan/process outlined below.

225 Lakeshore Road , Meaford, Ontario, Canada N4L OA7 (519) 538-4391 Fax (519) 538-2735




A Proposal to the Township of Huron Kinloss


July 30, 20 13 Page 3

Step 2 Finalize Next Steps • Meet with the CAO and/or Management Team to share findings and receive feedback regarding recommended next steps. Obtain any additional information and revise as necessary. • If the decision is that additional work is required, and the scope of the work is agreed upon, the Consultant will provide a final workplan and additional costs (if any), outlining all steps in Phase II to complete the work required, for final approval. The following section (A Description of Work that could be completed in Phase II) is provided for information that describes the usual 'next steps' to complete the tasks as requested.

Phase II

Job Description Update, Job Evaluation, Pay Equity Update

A Description of Work that could be completed in Phase II The following description is intended to assist the Municipality to assess what level of Consultant help may be required to complete each step of the process.

Step 3

Data Collection and Job Description Update

The Consultant was informed that the job descriptions for the non union staff have been updated. Based on the results of the information reviewed, further information covering the 8 factors may need be updated and evaluated .. ./' The Consultant, with the Administrator, would review what additional information would be required, review the questionnaire that would be used to collect the information, if necessary communicate to staff involved (one hour meeting) to explain the review and how position information will be updated, explain the factors of the job evaluation system regarding skills, effort, responsibility and working conditions and how staff can have input before finalization of results. All efforts made will try to focus on ensuring information used to evaluate positions will be as accurate as possible. • Explain the types of information and provide examples, distribute job evaluation questionnaires which will collect information and explain what each factor means. • Collect and review information from the questionnaires. • Update Task Lists on the Jobchart database • Provide draft task lists to management to review, then revised if necessary and provide to incumbents for their final feedback.

225 Lakeshore Road , Meaford, Ontario, Canada N4L OA7 (519) 538-4391 Fax (519) 538-2735



A Proposal to the Township of Huron Kinloss


July 30, 2013 Page 4

Managers/Administrator to meet with job holders if job holders have concerns to resolve issues. It is also recommended that staff and supervisor sign off on the agreed upon duties, skills and knowledge for the position. Finalize Job DescriptionsfTask Lists following further staff/management feedback.

Step 4 Job Evaluation • Using the Jobchart System - the job evaluation program currently in place, the Consultant will meet with a Job Evaluation Committee to train and evaluate all current non unionized positions. • It is also recommended that the unionized positions be evaluated at the same time for comparison purposes. Union representatives may need to be added to the committee if done together. • The Consultant to develop recommended job groupings based on point distribution, alignment with results of market data, and results of pay equity regressions. • Review results with Administrator. • Consultant to provide scoring documentation for all ratings of each factor evaluated for each position. Having this level of detail regarding the evaluation of each position will allow the organization to provide each staff member in a specific position with information on how their specific position got rated and offers greater transparency. This will assist when and if employees want additional information regarding the results, how the plan works and want to understand how their position got evaluated as it did at the end of the review. • Consultant to update Jobchart Administration Manual to help manage the job evaluation system in-house if desired, including benchmark factors and rationales that reflect organizational requirements, to assist key managers with yearly maintenance for all changed and new jobs. Training of Municipal Staff •


The approach in Phases" can readily include a process where assigned staff work with the Consultant and are trained to utilize any related job evaluation software to update job descriptions including job evaluation factors and completing job evaluations in order to improve staff capacity to maintain the job evaluation system software and maintain the Pay Equity Plan themselves.

Step 5 Market Data Salary Survey Staff ~ Develop a list of approximately 14 comparable municipalities to ensure we have 10 comparable organizations that are similar in nature (Le. rural/urban , tax base, services provided, etc.). ~ Design survey material to include any customized questions. Provide draft for review and revise as required. 225 Lakeshore Road , Meaford, Ontario , Canada N4L OA7 (519) 538-4391 Fax (519) 538-2735


E "s .OEJ\l'-,.J s o c AT e S



~ ~ ~


~ ~

A Proposal to the Townsh ip of Huron Kinloss

July 30, 2013 Page 5

Create a list of position summaries based on updated job descriptions of the benchmark positions chosen. Contact target organizations and elicit their participation. Distribute survey material, and collect information: discuss with participants to ensure good matching of jobs and accurate information (follow up phone calls with participants where necessary.) . Collate data and prepare a report to summarize data collected and provide an analysis of results in relation to present salaries and benefits. Review results with Administrator and finalize report. Provide a summarized report of results to participants.

Step 6 Pay Equity Status Based on the results of the updated job evaluations, regression analysis will be undertaken and the results used to ensure the recommended pay ranges meet PE requirements. Please Note: (Pay Equity Assessment-Optional) If any time during the review, if the findings indicate any concems related to present pay practices and pay equity that may impact the Municipality, these will be identified to the Administrator. Identification of issues that may require legal clarification before proceeding further will also be recommended if required. If additional work is required to resolve these types of issues (outside the scope of the present project) prior to completing the project, recommendations will be provided.

Step 7 Development of Final report • Review findings, any changes and impact on salary or pay equity maintenance with Administrator and/or senior management, review recommendations and obtain feedback • Prepare an update if required to the Pay Equity Plan based on final results and if required • Provide a Final report for the Administrator including recommendations regarding the following: ./ Any Changed Job Descriptionsrrask Lists ./ The results of the salary and benefits review ./ An updated database containing job evaluation results, documentation for all updated positions and new positions based on the job evaluations completed . ./ Identify any additional changes/steps that may be required to help maintain Internal and Pay Equity compliance ./ Recommended groupings of jobs for Pay Range Development: Provide recommendations regarding any changes to the job groupings based on the results of the updated job evaluations and or new plan . ./ A managers manual and recommendations on how to maintain the job evaluation system- if requested (optional)

225 Lakeshore Road, Meaford, Ontario, Canada N4L OA7 (519) 538-4391 Fax (519) 538-2735 www.edeanassociates .com


E .OEAl'--J


A Proposal to the Township of Huron Kinloss


July 30, 20 13 Page 6

PHASE III Communicating and Implementing Results(Not included in the costing of this proposal-Optional) Step 8 •

Develop an implementation plan, developing cost implications regarding results or changes to wage ranges, drafting of letters to staff of the results once approved by Council and creation of a process to meet with all staff to review their concerns of the results. If significant changes, communicate any changes that may have occurred regarding this by holding a staff meeting regarding overall changes, and being available to meet with supervisors and staff individually regarding any specific individual staff concerns regarding the results of this review. The purpose of the meeting is to answer individual questions, review results and show how each of the factors was evaluated using the job evaluation system and resolve all outstanding issues before implementing.

TIMING The Consultants are able to undertake the work within two weeks of acceptance of this proposal by Council. Depending on response return from survey and staff availability, the consultant will be able to complete this project between the end of October- mid November. (To be noted: the Consultant will be away from September 11 to Sept 30 th )

PROJECT COSTS The following are the costs based on the amount of consultant time required by the Municipality.

Phase I Steps • • •

Initial Assessment

1 to 2 as described in the proposal Includes one meeting with Management and/or staff Review and collection of all relevant data, information and job description data Analysis and Draft final workplan development

Total Consulting Cost Phase 1

1 day

$ 975.00

225 Lakeshore Road , Meaford, Ontario, Canada N4L DA7 (519) 538-4391 Fax (519) 538-2735 www.edea nassociates .com


E .DEAJ"-..J


A Proposal to the Township of Huron Kinloss


Phase II

July 30, 201 3 Page 7

Estimates of Time and Costs For Phase II and III

Step 3 Job Description Factor Update and meetings with staff • Preparation of questionnaire, revision/updating of approximately 10 tasks lists based on additional job information received from questionnaire regarding job evaluation factors 1 day $975.00 Additional task lists at an hourly rate Step 4 • •

Job Evaluation Job Scoring by Consultant only 1 day Training and Job evaluations completed with Job Evaluation Committee 2.5 days 2438.00 Please Note: Job evaluations completed with Unionized staff, if included and they result in additional time required, the additional time will be at hourly rate.

Step 5 Market Survey Salary Survey- a full market survey specific to the Township positions Step 6 •


Pay Equity Assessment Regressions for Pay range development only $300.00 If further PE maintenance work or assessment is required it will be quoted separately

Final Report Development Step 7 • Development of Job groupings, Revisions to Salary ranges and report development 4 hours $580.00 • In-person meetings with Administrator and/or Management Team/Council (if required) hrly rate optional • Review with Administrator and Council/Committee hrly rate optional • Provide job evaluation manual and benchmarks hrly rate optional Total Consultant Costs for Phase I and II


Phase III Step 8 Implementation and Communication Support- Optional • Assistance with costing as required hourly rate • Meeting with all staff to provide an overview of results, hourly rate after finalization of review (meetings, preparation of materials) • Individual interviews- depending on number of staff requesting individual feedback prior to posting of a revised PE Plan- Costs will be based on hourly rate

225 Lakeshore Road , Meaford, Ontario, Canada N4L OA7 (519) 538-4391 Fax (519) 538-2735





A Proposal to the Township of Huron Kinloss

July 30, 20 13 Page 8

The projected fees are based on an hourly rate of $145 per hour or $975 per diem. Any additional meetings will be charged at the hourly rate of $145.00. HST and mileage are in addition plus expenses (after approval). CONSULTANT The Consultant for this project is: • Evelyn Dean, Principal of E. Dean & Associates, a Senior Executive Consultant and Human Resources specialist with extensive experience in salary administration, pay equity, job evaluation, salary reviews, organizational change management, assisting senior managers to improve their overall business effectiveness through the effective delivery of Human Resource services, team building and leadership, coaching and mentoring, aligning of work culture to support change and implement effective organizational performance management. • If additional compensation/pay equity specialist resources are required to meet timelines, our Associate Justin White could be called upon to assist where required. For more information regarding Associates, please check out our website. REFERENCES

Mike Dunlop, CAO, Town of Hanover 519-364-2780 Ext. 228 Francis Richardson, Mayor Denyese Morrisey CAO Municipality of Meaford 519538-1060 Virginia Onley Deputy Mayor Municipality of Callander 705752-1410

225 Lakeshore Road , Meaford, Ontario , Ca nada N4L DA7 (519) 538-4391 Fax (519) 538-2735


E .OEAf'...l


A Proposal to the Township of Huron Kinloss


July 30, 20 13 Page 9

ATTACHMENT A USING THE Jobchart System® SOFTWARE Most employers do not have long-term records of Pay Equity implementation and maintenance. Where paper records exist, they are fragmented and often incomplete. •

The software allows the employer to maintain permanent records of its Pay Equity Program in order to defend against Pay Equity investigations.

Many employers are unable to defend against Pay Equity investigations that span several years in the past and are incurring a significant retroactive liability. •

The software allows archiving of information on an annual (or more frequent) basis in order to demonstrate Pay Equity compliance and maintenance. The system documents job content, job scores, and the reasons for the scores and pay rates for jobs. This essential information can be frozen (read only, print only) at any point in time.

Job information is often weak, time consuming to produce and out of date. It leaves the employer open to employees misrepresenting their jobs to Pay Equity Commission Review Officers, particularly when the investigation is reviewing a job as it was 5 to 10 years ago! •

The software facilitates the rapid development, maintenance and control of consistent, straightforward job descriptions (Task Lists) using a database.

Job Evaluation results tend to be inconsistent and are rarely well documented and repeatable. •

The software facilitates rapid and consistent scoring of jobs as well as documentation of rationales for the scores. It allows audit of results by senior management.

Employers often are unable to translate Pay Equity activities into a useful Salary Administration system for attracting and retaining staff and controlling salary costs. •

The software facilitates the development of step or performance pay ranges and control of salaries within the organization.

In summary, lack of documentation means that most Pay Equity programs cannot be defended. •

The Jobchart System® software was developed to help employers record and maintain necessary information to defend against Pay Equity investigations. At the same time, it supports management in controlling payroll costs and in demonstrating to employees a fair pay program.

225 Lakeshore Road , Meaford, Ontario, Canada N4L DA7 (519) 538-4391 Fax (519) 538-2735




A.SSOt . A T tS

A Proposal to the Township of Huron Kinloss

July 30, 20 13 Page 10

The Jobchart System® Software is user friendly The Jobchart System ® Software:

• Can be used with any point factor job evaluation system

• Provides for Job Description writing using clear tasks for • Consistency • Accuracy • Speed

Includes Job Evaluation providing for • Sound documentation • Scoring using the organization's own values • Comparison of scores for consistency

• Contains Salary Administration that helps develop • Groupings of jobs that makes sense • Pay Ranges which can be adapted from year to year • The use of Compa Ratios to control pay

Includes Reports such as • Job Descriptions in Task List format • Scores of all jobs • Scoring Rationales for each job • Identification of jobs in each level by factor • A Compa Ratio report

• Allows Archiving for • Monitoring change from year to year • Defense in a Pay Equity Review Go to or for more information.

225 Lakeshore Road , Meaford, Ontario, Canada N4L DA7 (519) 538-4391 Fax (519) 538-2735 www.edea


E ASS .OE.AI'-J 0 C I A T 5




A Proposal to the Township of Huron Ki nloss

July 30, 20 13 Page 11


AIDS Committee of Toronto Alberta Real Estate Association Associated Brands Atlas Tubes Inc. Ayr Farmers Mutual Insurance Company Bristol Place Hotel Brown & Collett Limited Canada Law Book Canadian Health Consultants Canadian Mental Health Association (Durham Region) Canadian Mental Health Association (Peterborough Region) Canadian Society of Club Managers Capital Metal Industries Casino Rama Catholic Family Services of PeelDufferin Canadian Aids Treatment Information Exchange Community Resource Services (Ontario) Consolidated Fastfrate Inc. Crombie Kennedy Sales Limited Dawn Patrol Group Homes Dellcrest Children's Centre Delta Chelsea Inn Diana Sweets Doane Raymond Doctors Without Borders Dolce International (Ontario) Inc. Domclean Limited Dufferin Mutual Insurance Company Dye & Durham East York Access Centre Farm Mutual Reinsurance Plan Inc. Farmers' Mutual Insurance Company (Lindsay) Ferguson Boeckle Fern Resort Fernie House Flex n gate Fuji Graphic Systems Canada Inc.

Fujitsu Canada Inc. Gambia Port Authority (West Africa)


Gambia Telecommunications Company (West Africa) Government of The Bahamas General Mills Restaurants Canada Grand & Toy Limited Group Accor of Canada Limited Hamilton Golf & Country Club Hayes-Dana Inc. Hendrickson Canada Limited Highland Farms Inc Hill Refrigeration Corporation Hillcrest Lodge Hilton International Hotels Holiday Inn on King Hotel Intercontinental Toronto Howick Mutual Insurance Company Hymopack International Council of AIDS Service Organizations (ICASO) International Plaza Hotel Kerr Bros. Limited Kettle & Stony Point Indian Band Kolmar of Canada LSG Lufthansa Service Sky Chefs Lutherwood CODA MacDonald Development Corporation Maple Lodge Farms Markborough Properties Inc. Marriott Hotel Toronto Airport Marriott International (England) Marriott Vacation Club (Spain) McCutcheon Graphics Mississauga Golf & Country Club Nadiscorp Momiji Health Care Society

225 Lakeshore Road , Meaford, Ontario, Canada N4L OA7 (519) 538-4391 Fax (519) 538-2735





A Proposal to the Townsh ip of Hu ron Kinloss

The National Sports Medicine Institute (England) North Bruce Township Novo Nordisk Canada Inc. Nuskin Canada Inc. O'Keefe Centre/Sony Centre for the Performing Arts Pannell Kerr Forster Consulting Inc. H. Paulin & Co. Inc. Park Plaza Hotel Port of Toronto (Toronto Harbour Commissioners) Primrose Hotel Prince Hotel Producom Holdings Inc. Prokote Incorporated Public Hospitals Authority (The Bahamas) Ramada Hotel - Don Valley Renaissance on Bloor Rheem Canada Limited Royal Leather Samsonite Canada Inc. Saugeen Shores Seguin Township Senior Link Sheraton Centre of Toronto Hotel & Towers Sheraton Hamilton Shui On Holdings Canada Limited South Huron Stockway Transportation Limited St. Leonard's Society of Brant St. Paul's L'Amoreaux Seniors' Centre Sutton Place Le Meridien Hotel Telecommunications Terminal Systems The Sports Council (UK) The St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts The TDL Group Limited The Ontario Club Toronto Cricket Skating and Curling Club Triathlon Leasing Inc. Tourism Ontario Inc Town of Kincardine Township of East Wawanosh

July 30, 20 13 Page 12

Township of Huron Township of Stephen Township of Wain fleet Township of West Wawanosh UNICEF Canada Universal Supply Company Limited Village of Ripley Village of T eeswater Wesco West Grey Township West Toronto Support Services Westbury Hotel Wescast Industries Inc. Westin Hotels Williams Hotels Limited Willowgrove Windsor Casino Limited Winners Woods Canada Limited Yield Management Group York Toy Library & Parent Resource Centre Youth Employment Services

225 Lakeshore Road , Meaford, Ontario, Canada N4L OA7 (519) 538-4391 Fax (519) 538-2735


E .OEAf'-.J s oc


... S

I ... T C 5

A Proposal to the Township of Huron Kinloss

July 30, 2013 Page -13 -


OVERVIEW OF SERVICES E. Dean & Associates, located in South Central Ontario specializes in providing a wide range of organizational change management and human resource services. Services focus on assisting organizations to improve their overall business and service effectiveness and efficiency in a team based, collaborative and innovative manner. This successful consulting firm brings 25 years of experience in helping organizations to manage and implement change effectively, redesigning services to reduce costs or free up required resources and helping organizations to effectively implement strategic growth, restructuring and amalgamation. Specialized in working with Public Sector, Health and Board operated organizations.

E. Dean & Associates provide services in the following areas: •

Business Planning and Service Transformation Support -Strategic planning; productivity reviews, developing and implementing effective change within functions, departments or the organization; assisting organizations to effectively review, evaluate and redesign their services; benchmarking and facilitating project teams. Support and training in effectively managing change and redesign.

Organizational Change Strategies -Team building and leadership, coaching and mentoring, aligning of work culture to support change, implementing effective organizational performance management.

Executive Management/Board Support -Organizational audits, review of organizational structures, governance and staff/Board/Council roles and responsibilities.

Human Resource Services -Audit, review and redesign of Human Resource Services to better meet business and organizational needs and improve program and cost effectiveness. Areas covered are overall organizational HR structure and services, HRIS, recruitment and selection, labour relations, performance measurement, pay and benefits administration , reviewing and implementing job evaluation, compensation plans and job descriptions, pay equity concerns, development of growth or downsizing strategies, developing employee contracts, employee assistance programs, Workplace Health and Safety, human rights, conflict resolution, labour relations, mediation, facilitate/organize community consultations, process reengineering, evaluation and/or development of human resource policies and procedures.

Training and Development -Develop, deliver or create train the trainer courses and/or design and facilitate workshops/courses to meet organizational needs in all aspects of leadership development, managing organizational change and human resource management. Training is provided on a variety of topics such as leadership, labour relations, Workplace Health and Safety, supervisory skills; human rights; recruitment, etc.

225 Lakeshore Road , Meaford, Ontario , Canada N4L OA7 (519) 538-4391 Fax (519) 538-2735 www.edeanassociates .com





A Proposal to the Township of Huron Kinloss

July 30, 2013 Page -14-

SAMPLE PROJECTS COMPLETED • Evaluated the Family Benefits Unit, which administered benefits to all clients on provincial benefits in Metro Toronto resulting in increased service and decreased administration costs.


Implemented a process for the effective restructuring and integration of 16 Health Authorities, covering 2/3's of the Province of B.C with 48 worksites and 7 major bargaining tables.

HUMAN RESOURCE SERVICES • Established a full Human Resources function where there was none, to support management of a new Health Region to integrate and redesign health care services

Established processes to review, restructure and/or redesign each of the major health services to incorporate best practices to meet changing provincial objectives. Worked with the senior executive team to reduce overall operating costs by $42 million reduction in years 1 and 2 without closures. Worked with key departments to explore and/or implement alternate service delivery models and contracting-out options and created local memorandums of understanding for cooperative union-management initiatives to implement changes which reduced overall costs in wages and changed working conditions. Reviewed and developed Council, Board, Committee and organizational structures and helped resolve program, human resource and financial issues as they arose regarding the development, restructuring, transfer, amalgamation and/or integration of a full range of municipal, public sector and NGO services. • Developed and/or refocused business implementation plans and specific workplans to improve results including alignment with key deliverables and strategies, resources, impacts and performance measures. • Reviewed the Employment Services unit resulting in the redesign, development, and evaluation of implementation employment services, eliminating some and contracting out others; reducing the budget by half while increasing service to clients by three-fold. • Evaluated, refocused and doubled the provision of services for the Metro/Provincial Court Unit

• In an established organization, reduced corporate Human Resource expenditures annually over three fiscal years, and implemented a 40% divisional reduction program over the next three years. • Implemented strategies to change workplace culture to meet retention and recruitment objectives and support innovation. •

Developed human resource strategies and implementation plans to deal with the impact of organizational changes, to more effectively meet business program/service requirements, labour relations, transition staffing, recruitment, retention, exit strategies, impact assessments and contracts. • Reviewed, developed and implemented a variety of Human Resource policies such as: Respect in the Workplace, Employment Equity, Race Relations, recruitment, salary administration, hiring and selection, labour relations and training . HRIS •

Implemented Phase 1 of an HRIS for a newly integrated Health Authority that is webenabled and would be accessible by employees and managers.

Implemented a process to integrate payroll and HRIS systems to provide a multi-site organization with one system and reduce staff by 50%.


225 Lakeshore Road , Meaford, Ontario, Canada N4L OA7 (519) 538-4391 Fax (519) 538-2735 www.edeanassociates .com


E . D~ A




"' T



A Proposal to the Township of Huron Kinloss

Developed an Ability Management program within an integrated Workplace Health and Safety infrastructure to begin reducing high levels of absenteeism, overtime and reduce costs resulting in 57% improvement in # of days lost due to injury (WCB), a 23% improvement in lost time injuries resulting in over 1 million in WCB savings.


Successfully completed pay equity reviews for organizations size 40 to 12, 000.

Reviewed and Implemented new terms and conditions of employment, benefit packages and labour practices resulting in cost savings.

Reviewed, developed and implemented Job Evaluation and Salary Administration systems for large and small public sector and not-for profit organizations, policies, practices and procedures responding to organizational and/or pay equity concerns.

Developed and implemented pay for performance policies, plans for Deputy Ministers, executives and employees.

Completed wage surveys for municipal staff and Council remuneration.


Reviewed, developed and implemented a full range of recruitment and selection services for the hiring of CAO's, CEO's, Executive Management and hard-to recruit staff as well as dealing with downsizing strategies and contract development.


Provided the support to obtain Collective Agreements with reduction in staff, wage and benefit costs up to 6.25% without a strike. Through revisions in the Public Service Act and memorandums of understanding, facilitated the transfer of staff to local community jurisdictions. • Oversaw the management of a provincial strike within health care for 48 facilities.

July 30, 2013 Page 15

• Reviewed Labour Relations activities and developed a proactive approach to reducing exceptionally high arbitration, grievance and appeal levels. • Developed organizational and departmental strategies dealing with union/management issues to assist with downsizing, restructuring or building up of to meet organizational services objectives. • Implemented Family Assistance and corporate-wide Employee Programs. TRAINING AND FACILITATION • Facilitated groups through highly controversial changes or new services. • Provided strategic planning exercises, business planning, mediation, facilitation and stakeholder management services to various Boards, Transition Teams, Councils and restructuring projects. • Implemented leadership development plans to meet major corporate objectives. • Provided senior management and Board training in various aspects of Effective Board operations, strategic and operational planning, human resource management skills including labour relations, recruitment and selection, compensation, competency development, performance management, Human Rights/Equity and team building, to large and small private and public sector organizations, N.G.O.'s and Board operated organizations. • Implemented Train the Trainer to maximize training capacity. • Diversified and tripled training capacity and resources for all levels of staff without increasing budget. • Developed/implemented human resource planning processes to meet major corporate objectives.

225 Lakeshore Road , Meaford, Ontario, Canada N4L DA7 (519) 538-4391 Fax (519) 538-2735





A Proposal to the Township of Huron Kinloss

July 30, 2013 Page 16

EVELYN DEAN B.A., M.S.W. Evelyn Dean is Principal of E. Dean & Associates Evelyn Dean is a senior executive consultant with expertise in the area of Organizational Change, Public Sector Management, Human Resource Management, Health, Community and Social Services, Mental Health and Board operated agencies. She has a successful track record in helping organizations restructure, amalgamate and/or redesign services by providing strong change management, human resource support and leadership. Working with senior executives, Boards and Councils she has helped them to implement effective, efficient and sustainable departmental and corporate business plans, programs and services through a collaborative and team based approach. Her senior management and executive experience in local, regional and territorial governments as Manager, Director, Vice President and Assistant Deputy Minister, has provided her with an excellent working knowledge of the financial, service and human resource issues related to improving organizational and business effectiveness. Evelyn has been involved with and provided consulting services to various Boards of non-profit organizations over the past twenty five years. The focus has been on aligning services with community needs and fiscal realities at the same time as clarifying and aligning Board, staff and volunteer structure to best meet the needs of the clients, community and the funders. Evelyn has successfully assisted private, public sector, health and not for profit organizations ranging in size from 40 to 12,000 employees. The focus has included change management, organizational planning, rethinking program service and delivery models, priority setting, developing new programs, amalgamating services, downsizing and resolving the resultant human resource and financial issues. The challenges have been to bring about strategic change in a collaborative and team based approach yet at the same time continue to motivate and support innovative and creative thinking while maintaining a bottom line philosophy of providing quality customer service and remaining responsive to the community. In addition to a Masters Degree in Social Work, she was an Associate Social Work Practice Professor and honoured in the area of Field Practice Education for her work with graduate students at the University of Toronto. Most recently, she has been providing a wide range of Human Resource Services to public and private sector organizations and non governmental agencies, such as reviewing and proactively addressing compensation, pay equity and salary administration concerns; assessing and improving organizational productivity and performance; implementing proactive recruitment services to address chronic professional shortages, implementing a very proactive workplace health and safety initiative to reduce costs, improving retention and providing restructuring and amalgamation support to health services and building a full human resources service where there was none.

225 Lakeshore Road , Meaford, Ontario, Canada N4L OA7 (519) 538-4391 Fax (519) 538-2735


Salary Review 2013 - Huron-Kinloss

The Corporation of the Township of Huron-Kinloss REPORT To: Mayor Twolan & Members of Council Subject: Date: Job Evaluation/Salary Review 2013 Jul...

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