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Car Wash, Auto Detailing, Car Window Tinting



Serving Columbia and surrounding area 9110 Red Branch Rd Ste M Columbia, MD 21045 (877) 280-9384





Basic wash on this beautiful Bentley!

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Sara A.

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Katie S.

Pro Wash Auto Spa was created to provide our customers and their vehicles with extraordinary hand car washing, detailing, window tinting, and plastidip services at fair prices. We …


San Marcos, TX 0 friends

I was planning on selling my car so I took it in to have the inside and outside cleaned. The car probably hadn't been washed in a year and my dog had shed all over the inside... so it needed some work. They were very honest about what to expect from each wash option. I ended up going with the express detail and once they were done my car seriously looked brand new! It look so amazing I considered not selling it. They definitely could've charged me the pet hair removal fee but said it came up so easily that I didn't have to worrying about it. The experience was so great I plan on bringing my new car to have the windows tinted and washed regularly.

3 reviews

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They provided me with plently of information as I asked questions and the tint job looks great.

Comment from Rod R. of Pro Wash Auto Spa Tint & Detail Business Owner

On The Spot Mobile Detailing 59 reviews

10/31/2017 • Thank you, Katie! We are happy to hear you had a great experience with us! We are looking forward to… Read more

When he was finished the bike looked just as it did on the showroom floor at the Harley dealership. Dolly’s Car Wash

J. C.

21 reviews


Brooklyn, NY 1 friend

I stopped by on a Sunday around noon and there were plenty of self serve bays available.

This place did an amazing job. They did exterior (car, tires, grill) and interior cleaning (shampoo carpets, treated leather and interior, wiped every dust surface down!) Took about 2 hours, which was exactly what they promised. And it was an extremely reasonable price. They were very professional. After they finished they brought me out to look over everything and explain what they did, I got then sense of I wanted anything redone they'd do it. But it was perfect. The owner took the time to look at a tiny crack on the windshield and give me an opinion on what I should do about that. My only complaint (and I'm still giving them 5 stars!) is that the chairs in the waiting room were super uncomfortable. Regardless, I'll definitely be returning for their services again!

69 reviews 14 photos

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Matt G.


Hanover, MD 105 friends


2 check-ins

104 reviews


I was looking for a place to get my car plasti dipped, and this place has excellent reviews on both Google and Yelp. For those of you who don't know, plasti dip is a spray on thin rubber coating that many people are starting to use to change the color of their car, and other accessories like wheels. It lasts 2-3 years, and can be peeled off. It's much cheaper than paint and can look amazing if done correctly.

48 photos Elite ’17

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On to the review. I called them and they were very friendly. The woman on the phone walked me through the entire process, and gave me a quote. I paid my deposit, and she emailed me a receipt and a summary of services to be completed. My car was to be dipped in white, with a black grill and black roof.

People found Pro Wash Auto Spa Tint & Detail by searching for… Plasti Dip Columbia Window Tinting Columbia

I drop the car off, and the facility seems pretty decent. The staff is warm and welcoming and assured me my car was in good hands. Turn around time was quick. It only took a few days. They sent me a text with photos, and it looked great! I went to pick it up later that day and was immediately very very disappointed. I noticed right away that there was a TON of overspray. Parts of the car that weren't supposed to have been sprayed were covered in white. My radiator, hoses, and other parts behind the bumper are all white now. The wheel wells which should be black have random white spots on them. Even my MUFFLERS were white. The door jams had overspray, and the rubber seals were white as well. Parts of the car haven't even been fully dipped, so the color is off. The bottom of the front and rear bumper, as well as parts of the fog light cut outs are still a bit gray. I point everything out as politely as I can, and the owner was apologetic and understanding of my frustration. He had some guys wipe off the excess dip, but there is still a lot left. I'll have to take the front bumper off to clean up the dip behind it. Instead of offering to remove the rest, he recommended I purchase a product which will help get the overspray off and do it myself. This isn't an easy job to remove it all. It'll probably take 2-3 hours if I'm quick about it. He took off $120 of my bill, but that savings doesn't fix anything. I would rather them do it right, or fix it. They also detailed my engine bay and interior. The engine bay was done very well, but wasn't too bad to begin with. They seemed to get all of the hard to reach areas though. Interior they missed a few spots and forgot to clean the inside of the windshield too. Overall that was pretty good though. In the end, a little bit of prep work would have saved A LOT of headache and frustration. I might end up taking it somewhere else to have it all removed since it is such a crappy job. I wasted over $1,000 on this, and will not be returning here. I'm sure their detailing services are great, but save your money and go somewhere else when it comes to plasti dip.

··· Rubber seals on the doors are all splotched with whjte


This part of the bumper should be all white, but it didn't get enough coats sprayed onto it

The wheel well is partially white due to over spray. A little bit of prep would have gone a long way and made it look more professional


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Rachel S. Long Island City, NY 4 friends 7 reviews

11/28/2017 Very impressed with Pro Wash Auto Spa! I brought my car in for a wash and to get quite a bit of tree sap removed. The sap had been on there for about 3 months so I was unsure how well it would come off. They did an amazing job removing all of the sap and now the exterior looks great again. The interior was also spotlessly cleaned and smells great. I'm from out of town, but whenever I'm back, I'll be getting my car cleaned here!

Michelle D.


Glendale, WI 157 friends

Listed in Yelp 100 Challenge 2016

393 reviews

Pro Wash really came through for me - I moved here recently and apparently the tint on my windows was too dark to pass inspection so Pro Wash fit me in right away to remove the tint. It was not expensive, and they did the job quickly. I passed the time speaking with the young lady at the front desk, Tamera Rembert, who was friendly, very helpful and a true pleasure to talk to :)

61 photos Elite ’17

The technicians did a great job removing the tint, and while I was in a bit of a hurry due to needing to get back to the shop for re-inspection, I will most definitely be back to have them re-tint my windows. Would also love to have them detail my car since I actually haven't had it cleaned since I moved a few months ago! Based on my experience I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them - they have friendly service and seem to take pride in, and stand by their work.

Pam M.


Elkridge, MD 9 friends

I took the car in to be detailed because it was such a mess inside. They did an amazing job. The interior looks brand new now and smells great too.

2 reviews

Steve W.


Mount Airy, MD 2 friends

1 check-in

5 reviews

This is great place! Rodney the owner really takes great care of your car! I love this place

Desi Y.


Baltimore, MD 2 friends

The guys did an amazing job removing an area of paint transfer, making some superficial scratches disappear, and making the exterior look brand new with their 3 step package. Professional, friendly, punctual, and highly recommended! I will be bringing them my other car as soon as I can.

41 reviews 6 photos

Tara H.


Elkridge, MD 30 friends

I highly recommend this place if you are looking to get your windows tinted or your car detailed. My husband got my windows tinted as a birthday gift. He researched several places and this is the one he decided to go with. When we dropped my car off I was given lots of information about the choices i could make. The work was done in the time frame they told us, and the windows look fantastic! The price was very reasonable and the staff were all courteous and professional. Very pleased!

3 reviews

Comment from Rod R. of Pro Wash Auto Spa Tint & Detail Business Owner

10/31/2017 • Thank you for your business and taking the time to leave us a 5-star review, Tara!

Bolas D.


Silver Spring, MD 113 friends

I purchased a group-on deal for $105 for a $200 tint job. Unfortunately, when my voucher was near its expiration date, i called pro-wash-auto to see what my options were, and they told me they would honor the voucher (especially since their deal still runs on group-on). When I called again a few months later, they told me I would have to pay $40 because my voucher was expired. I got upset and hung up. I called group-on to explain the situation. Groupon couldn't refund me at this point, but we settled on me calling Pro-wash-auto again to schedule an appointment. I called them a few weeks later, and now the $40 had gone up to $55. Upsetting, but at this point I didn't want to lose my voucher, so I scheduled an appointment for the next day. They have a 24-hour cancel policy which would not be valid for me since i was below that time frame. On my way there the next day, I call to let them know that I'm running late due to traffic and they tell me "WE GIVE A 15minute GRACE PERIOD, AND AFTER THAT, YOU LOSE YOUR VOUCHER". I'm thinking "Wow, another unmentioned rule!" They had no interest in working anything out with me. I get that they have other customers/vehicles to attend to, but they absolutely tried to both TAKE ADVANTAGE and MAKE THE WHOLE PROCESS AS DIFFICULT AS POSSIBLE! I never got the tint, so I cant attest to their quality, but their quality of merchant-customer communication was horrible!

3 reviews

In the end I lost my $105... so if I were you, i'd stay away.

Comment from Rod R. of Pro Wash Auto Spa Tint & Detail Business Owner

12/1/2016 • Hi, Bolas. It sounds like the initial $40 fee may have been for the specifications of your vehicle's… Read more

Bike M.


Baltimore, MD 1 friend

BEWARE!!! They lure you in with a low price Groupon. Then when you try to make an appointment they up charge $40.00 Yea, I Went back and read the fine print and it did say "Extra fee may apply for some makes and models, please call ahead for more details." But Forty Bucks more because I drive a small pick up truck with no more surface area than the average car! Save yourself some time and call before you buy the Groupon.

6 reviews

Comment from Rod R. of Pro Wash Auto Spa Tint & Detail Business Owner

12/1/2016 • Hi, Bike. Thank you for your feedback and your business! It is unfortunate that we received one star… Read more

Paul C.


Columbia, MD 61 friends

Decent place for a hand car wash. The location is pretty hidden deep into the road. Service was friendly. I've been here twice, once for my suv and another time for our sedan. Went with a exterior wash and interior cleaning. Both times, the vehicles weren't fully dried. This was evident as soon I started driving and water was coming down the front and rear windshield. Most likely won't come back and look for another place.

17 reviews 5 photos

Comment from Rod R. of Pro Wash Auto Spa Tint & Detail Business Owner

6/24/2017 • Hi, Paul. The basic washes don't include drying cracks and crevices. Water does run out of some… Read more

Eli N. Fort Lauderdale, FL 12 friends 223 reviews 123 photos Elite ’17

3/12/2016 1 check-in

Great place, great wash. Hidden in Columbia and you have to go in thru the back. $40 for the full wash so it's not cheap. I can get the same exact wash in Florida for $15 but we're not in Florida...

Johnny W. Jessup, MD 0 friends 12 reviews 3 photos

12/29/2016 Man these guys are good. I went in to get my G37 tinted and it took less time than they initially quoted. Also, when I called in to schedule an appointment I told them I wanted to purchase the living social deal. The sales rep asked me what car I drove and ran the numbers. In doing so she said that it would actually cost less if I scheduled an appointment without purchasing the deal. (Due to the windows on my G37 sedan) Like who does that?! I saved money and got high quality tints in about an 1hr 1/2. I am going back to get some detailing done as well.

Seong L. Silver Spring, MD 251 friends 73 reviews 188 photos Elite ’17

1/29/2015 So after deciding that I want to tint my windows, I bought a Groupon deal which was $100 for $200 tint job. I scheduled an appointment and asked for the Suntek Carbon film which was a premium film and cost extra. The shop itself seemed well kept, they had a huge warehouse in the back where they would work in cars, and a small office in front that included a waiting area and the register. After waiting for 1.5 hours for the tint, the manager rang me up with the bill. He charged me the Groupon ($200 value for $100) plus an extra $150 for the carbon film... Which came to a total of $250. Now here's what upsets me. The reason why I came in is because of the Groupon and even though the Groupon stated it was for a basic window tint, it didn't state that you COULDN'T put the value towards a better window tint film. I argued with the manager that I felt like this was false advertisement, but my main argument was that I did not feel like was a getting a deal for ultimately paying $250 for the installation of Suntek Carbon film. He assured me that I was getting a deal and then started raising his voice. I realized he was not going to change his mind and I did not feel like pressing the issue so I let it go and ended up paying him the extra $150. The only reason I give 2 stars is because the installation itself was okay. There were some bubbles here and there but nothing too noticeable. They also washed the car which was nice. But I am upset that I ended up paying $250 (including the Groupon) for Suntek Carbon film when I found other places in the area charging as little as $180. The manager is clearly profit-hungry and willing to bend his business ethics to get every dollar out of your pocket even when you express your dissatisfaction. And because of that, I won't be coming back again.

Bill W. Ellicott City, MD 3 friends 12 reviews 29 photos

9/9/2016 This was my first time here and I have to say I will be back and I was impressed! I was distracted when I arrived and I forgot my wallet in the car. They called me immediately and let me know they had it in the office safe and sound! WOW! So honest! When I arrived my car was gleaming inside and out. GREAT JOB!

Comment from Rod R. of Pro Wash Auto Spa Tint & Detail Business Owner

12/2/2016 • Hi, Bill. Thank you for taking the time to leave such great feedback!

Sharon B. Ellicott City, MD 0 friends 5 reviews

9/4/2016 My husband took my car in to be detailed as a surprise birthday present. They did a great job on the carpets, not that hey we're that dirty. I would give them a 7/10 on getting the seats clean. That's when it all falls apart. They used some sort of oil on the leather and plastic parts of the interior. My husband brought the mats back in a pile because the carpets were still wet. I thought the mats were wet too, but they were just coated in oil. I didn't realize this until after I put them back in and went to get in my car, and sprained my knee. All of my shoes became coated, and my mud room floor is quite slick. I ended up pulling all of the mats back out and washing them with dawn, but it seemed stupid to pay almost $150 to clean the interior of a not-so-dirty car, only to spend another hour trying to undo the damage they did. I would definitely not return.

Comment from Rod R. of Pro Wash Auto Spa Tint & Detail Business Owner

12/1/2016 • Hi, Sharon. Thank you for taking the time to leave us feedback. We cannot guarantee stain removal… Read more

L D. Greendale, IN 0 friends 2 reviews

2/25/2017 Excellent service!!! I'm new to the Maryland area and haven't been able to find a good place to clean my car, but I can say that no longer. Fast, professional, and thorough. I will definitely be back!

J P. Columbia, MD 0 friends 8 reviews

2/11/2017 My husband and I both took our vehicles in and we both are VERY happy with our "new" cars. I wish I had taken a before picture - I take my dog everywhere and my SUV looked like it. I knew from my husband's experience that they can do miracles on a vehicle. When the guy came to get me to "take a look under the better light", I asked if that was really my car (and he laughed and said they traded it out for a new one). Seriously, I got the Express Detail and saw my little rear-view mirror Yankee Candle hanging to confirm that it really was my car. Yup, a miracle!!! Unfortunately, now I am wondering if my dog just lost his ride (just kidding). I'll be back there again and again - true fan.

Daniela R. Jessup, MD 0 friends 6 reviews 1 photo

7/6/2016 Went here because I saw great reviews. When I entered the receptionist was very nice and she explained to me how it works. Good prices by the way, and they have a children's play room where my son and I waited. I went with the full service wash. When I got my car back, my back car seat still had some dirt I had to get myself but other than that they did a great job on the rest of my car. Will love to go back soon

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Pro Wash Auto Spa Tint & Detail - 54 Photos & 51 Reviews - Car Wash

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