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Compare Your Pool Pump's Efficiency to EcoPump Get a detailed Energy Efficiency Report and pump recommendation in just minutes. It's important to size a pool pump based on your pool specs. Up to 76% of pool pumps were built with pumps that are too large relative to the pipe diameter. The result is pump stress, operating noise, and significantly higher energy costs. Evaluate your pool and find out the correct pump size for your pool. The result is a properly sized pump that delivers maximum efficiency and longevity.

Answer all questions to the best of your knowledge.

Total gallons in your pool

20,000 Approximate

Pipe diameter 1.5 inch 2.0 inch (most common) 2.5 inch 3.0 inch Enter if known, or use the typical 2 inch

Does your have an attached spa? Yes No Choose yes only if your main pump powers your spa jets.

Does your pool use a solar heating system? No Yes, it is on the ground level Yes, it is mounted on the roof

Does your pool have an automatic pool cleaner? No Yes, it runs off my main pump, connected to pressure side Yes, it runs off my main pump, connects to suction side Yes, it has a separate dedicated booster pump I'm not sure

What type of filter does your pool have? Sand filter DE filter Cartridge filter Zeolite filter Other I'm not sure

Does your pool have an in-floor cleaning system? No Yes Hint: 8-15 little jets that pop up on the floor of the pool to clean it

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Pool Pump Calculator | EcoPump

About Contact EcoPumps Compare Video Reviews All Products Blog Compare Your Pool Pump's Efficiency to EcoPump Get a detailed Energy Efficiency Re...

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