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JENESYS2016(In-bound Program)7th Batch Cambodia / Theme: Social (Decentralization/ Regional Creative Activities/ Local Revitalization) Vietnam / Theme: Social (Exchange with Young Government Officials) Laos/ Theme: Social (Peacebuilding and Nuclear Nonproliferation) Program Report 1. Program Overview As part of the Exchange Program “JENESYS 2016,” 26 Cambodian students and adults, 24 young adults from Vietnam and 25 Lao high school and university students stayed in Japan from December 6th to 13th to participate in the program aimed at promoting their understanding of Japan with regard to Japanese politics, economy, society, culture, history, education and foreign policy. Through visiting local governments and companies, homestay and other activities, the participants enjoyed a wide range of opportunities to improve their understanding of Japan and shared their individual interests and experiences through their network in SNS. Based upon their findings and learning in Japan, each group of participants made a presentation in the final session and reported on the action plans to be taken after returning to their home countries.

【Participating Countries and Number of Participants】 Cambodia: 26, Vietnam: 24, Laos: 25 【Prefectures Visited】Tokyo (all), Tokushima (Cambodia 26), Osaka and Kyoto (Vietnam 24), Nagasaki (Laos 25) 2. Program Schedule Dec 6 (Tue):

Arrive at Narita International Airport 【Orientation】

Dec 7 (Wed):

【Lecture on Japanese Culture/Key Note Lecture】 【Observation of Historical Landmark/Traditional Culture】 Asakusa and Edo-Tokyo Museum (Cambodia and Laos) 【Observation/Opinion Exchange】 Ministry of Foreign Affairs National Personnel Authority (Vietnam)

Dec 8 (Thu)~Dec 11 (Sun):

Divided into groups and move to the local areas

(1) Cambodia (Social): Tokushima 【Observation of Regional Industry/Company】 1

Irodori Co., Ltd. (Agricultural products, processed lumber for construction and civil engineering use, and so forth.) 【Observation of Regional Industry/Company】 Kamiyama Valley Satellite Office Complex (Project for revitalizing the town) 【School Exchange】Tokushima Commercial High School 【Home Stay】 【Farewell Party with Host Family】 【Workshop】 【Culture Experience】Awa Odori Dance (2)

Vietnam (Social): Osaka and Kyoto 【Lecture on Economic field】Kansai Economic Federation 【Observation】Sakai City Medical Center and Ebara Oike Sport Arena 【Lecture on the Region】Sakai City Government 【Observation of Cutting-Edge Technology】 Sanpou Sewage Treatment Plant 【Cultural Experience】Tea Ceremony 【Observation of Regional Industry】 Sakai City Traditional Crafts Museum 【Visit to Commercial Facility】Doutonbori and other spots 【Observation of Disaster Prevention-related Facility】 Osaka City Abeno Life Safety Learning Center 【Observation of Historical Landmarks】 Kiyomizu-dera Temple 【Observation of Regional Industry】Kyoto Museum of Traditional Crafts 【Workshop】

(3)Laos (Social): Nagasaki 【Courtesy Call】Isahaya City Government 【Observation of Historical Landmark】Gunkanjima 【School Exchange/Opinion Exchange】 Faculty of Education, Nagasaki University 【Observation of Historical Landmark】 Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum/【Lecture】“Voice of Atomic Bomb Survivor” by a local storyteller 【Meeting with Host Family】 【Culture Experience】Sushi Making【Home Stay】 【Culture Experience】Pounding Mochi (Making Rice Cake) 【Farewell Party with Host Family】 【Workshop】 Dec 12 (Mon):

Move to Tokyo 2

【Reporting Session】 Dec 13 (Tue):

【Observation/Opinion Exchange】National Police Agency (Vietnam) Depart from Narita International Airport

3. Program Photos Common Program (Tokyo)

12/7 【日本理解講義/基調講演】 【Lecture on Japanese Culture / Key Note

12/7【都内視察】外務省、人事院(ベトナム) 【Observation/Opinion Exchange】 Ministry of Foreign Affairs, National Personnel


Authority (Vietnam)





【Observation of Regional Industry / Company】 【Observation of Regional Industry / Company】 Irodori Co., Ltd.

Kamiyama Valley Satellite Office Complex



12/10 【ホームステイ】三好市・東みよし町

【School Exchange】Tokushima Commercial 【Homestay】Miyoshi city, Higashi Miyoshi High School



12/11 【ワークショップ】

【Homestay】Miyoshi city, Higashi Miyoshi



Vietnam: Osaka and Kyoto





【Lecture on Economic field】

【Observation of City-related facility】

Kansai Economic Federation (Kankeiren)

Sakai City Medical Center 4




【Lecture on Outline of the Region & Sakai 【Observation of City-related facility】Sakai City Government】Sakai City Hall

City Assembly Hall





【Observation of Cutting-Edge Technology】 【Observation of City-related facility】 Sakai city Sambo sewage treatment plant






【Cultural Experience & Observation of City

【Observation of Regional Industry】Sakai City Traditional Museum

-related Facility】Sakai Plaza of Rikyu & Akiko




防災センター(大阪市) 【Observation of Disaster prevention

【Observation of Historical Landmark】 Kiyomizu-dera Temple (Kyoto City)

-related facility】Osaka City Abeno Life Safty Learning Center




【Lecture & Observation of Regional

【Workshop】Kyoto International Community House

Industry】Kyoto Museum of Traditional Crafts (Kyoto City)


Laos: Nagasaki

12/8【地方自治体講義】諫早市 【Observation of Historical Landmark】

12/8【歴史的建造物視察】軍艦島 【Observation of Historical Landmark】

Isahaya City Government

Gunkanjima Island



【School Exchange】 Faculty of Education,

【Culture Experience】 Sushi Making

Nagasaki University

12/9【視察】被爆者講演 【Observation Story-telling by A-bomb

12/11【ワークショップ】 【Workshop】

survivor 7

4. Voice from Participants ◆

Cambodia Young Adult

Japan has the most advanced economy in Asia, but it also experiences many natural disasters, with frequent earthquakes, typhoons, and tsunami. After World War II, Japan achieved rapid growth, even though it had suffered immense damage during the war. There is little disparity between the standard of living of people who live in big cities and those who live in more rural areas, which I think is proof that the policies of Japan’s central government have been a success. I believe that the success is fundamental for the development of a country, and also believe that it is thanks to the dynamism of its provinces that Japan has become such an advanced economy. Japanese people are straightforward and kind; they respect one another and are hygienic and sophisticated. I think that this is why Japanese people are so energetic and live such long lives. Japanese people also do their duty and fulfill their responsibilities, which promotes political stability and ensures a safe society. Participating in JENESYS 2016 enabled me to have diverse experiences and gain a variety of knowledge. As a civil servant working in local government in Cambodia, I want to make good use of this in policies to promote local development. I believe that this program is highly meaningful and gave young people from various countries an opportunity to learn about and understand Japan, as well as promoting deeper friendships between Japan and the participating countries. ◆

Laos young Adult

I believe that peacebuilding is wonderful and that everyone must work on it. Peacebuilding means that everyone works together to understand each other, opening their hearts and respecting each other. Participating in JENESYS 2016 was a great experience, because it gave me the opportunity to learn about peacebuilding. It is often said that peacebuilding occurs when people understand others, open up their own hearts, and listen to what the other person has to say. Taking part in JENESYS enabled me to learn about and understand Japanese people and to understand various things about Japan. These include Japanese history, the way of life of Japanese people, and good manners. Through this, I was able to build incredible, unforgettable friendships. What moved me was the warm welcome that we received when we made a courtesy visit to the city of Isahaya in Nagasaki Prefecture. When we were heading to Isahaya City Office, we saw a group of smiling Japanese people standing and holding the flags of Laos and Japan, along with a poster saying, “Welcome to Isahaya.” They gave our group of Laotian young people a rousing welcome. It was the first time in my life that I had experienced anything like this. It was so heartwarming and I felt very honored and moved, almost to tears. I do not know how to express this emotion in words. After returning home to Laos, I want to tell my classmates, friends, and other young people about the various experiences and knowledge that I gained in Japan and, in particular, 8

Japanese people’s ideas. ◆

Vietnam Young Adult

Thanks to the lectures during the program, I developed a better understanding of the situation in Japan. In one lecture, Associate Professor W told us that local governments had autonomy from the national government, undertaking independent economic activities and promoting cultural exchange with various countries. Associate Professor W also provided an overview of governmental bodies in Japan and their organizational structures. During our visit to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, we talked and exchanged opinions with specialists in foreign affairs, through which we learned about diplomatic relations between Japan and Vietnam at the governmental level, based on their “Extensive Strategic Partnership,” in which all members of the delegation to Japan are interested, as well as cooperative relationships between governmental bodies in the two countries. The extensive cooperative relationship covering not only political, economic, and cultural issues, but also a wide range of other matters (such as national security) is certainly an issue of interest to both countries. The number of Japanese people investing or taking up residence in Vietnam is growing by the year, so being able to meet members of the Kansai Economic Federation (Kankeiren) was tremendously meaningful. Through our visit to Kankeiren, we gained a better understanding of the investment plans and policies of companies expanding into Vietnam, as well as issues of concern to such companies. 5. Voice from Japanese Participants Representative of the accepting organization When our association sends delegations to Vietnam, we are fortunate enough to be able to meet with the President, the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister, and the cabinet minister responsible for economic affairs. This meeting gave us the opportunity to provide the staff members who assist those national leaders and key government figures with a deeper understanding of our activities, which will undoubtedly assist in our Vietnamese projects in the future. ◆University Student As a result of meeting the students from Laos, I realized that interacting with people with different values is fun and leads to new discoveries. My English is only about junior high school level, but I felt great joy when I understood what the other person was saying and when we managed to communicate our thoughts to each other with the aid of gestures. During the debate about peace, some of the students from Laos expressed the view that mutual understanding and education are important, so I discovered that we had shared the same values, even though we were from different countries. As a result of this exchange, I decided that I want to find out more about the way various people think. 9

◆Host Family I was very anxious at first, but the two students whom we hosted were really nice. We were able to use our smartphones to assist in communication, so our interaction was truly meaningful. The students used their smartphones to introduce us to Cambodia and it really felt as though we had actually traveled there. Unfortunately, the time flew by too quickly. I hope that we have the opportunity to meet again. 6. Dissemination by the Participants



日本の最先端科学技術は医療からインフ 浅草、江戸東京博物館等、日本の素晴らし ラ、下水処理現場などにまで応用されてい い場所と人々。 る。 Japanese high technology is applied to Here is my first encounter at ASAHI. medical devices or infrastructure such as Those are further such fabulous places sewage treatment facilities.

and nice people indeed.


7. Action Plan Presented at the Reporting Session by Participants
















るため、帰国後、FB や YouTube などの


SNS にアップロードする。

源を活用する。 ‐地方分権の政策実施に官僚及び市民が責任 を持って参加するよう促進する。 2017 年のはじめから定期的な広報活動、研修 会を様々な現場の訪問の際に行う。

Action Plan (Cambodia)

Action Plan (Laos)

・Spread out Japanese decentralization/

Based upon the knowledge before

local revitalization to Cambodian people.

visiting Japan, and what we have

・Share goodness of Japanese regional

learned in Nagasaki Atomic Bomb

creative activities among Cambodian people

Museum, the opinion exchange on the

and urge them to join the efforts for the local

peacebuilding with Nagasaki University


students, the story told by an atomic

・Make a basic plan for sustainable

bomb victim, and homestay at local host

development of the regional environment.


・Make use of our own local resources to

When returning to our home country, we

enhance revenues of people.

will spread out the importance of

・Promote participation by people and

peacebuilding and nuclear

government officials in the implementation of

nonproliferation through network in SNS

decentralization policies.

such as Facebook or YouTube.

・Make publicity activities and hold training workshop when visiting various sites or fields 11

starting in January 2017.

ベトナム 帰国後 15 日:JENESYS2016 プログラム参 加者のそれぞれの所属機関において成果報 告をする。関連事項に関する助言、提言など を行う。 ・帰国後 1 か月:“ベトナム若手行政官交流” に関する情報発信・共有のための Fanpage を作る。 ・状況に応じて適時または 4 半期に 1 度:日 本の交流プログラムに参加したメンバーと の関係を維持する。 ・継続的に日本について学習・研究し、理解 を深める。(マスメディア、文化交流プログ ラムを通じて) Action Plan (Vietnam) ・(In 15 days after returning to our country) each JENESYS2016 participant makes progress report in his/her respective organization. ・(In 1 month after returning to our country) start fanpage among Vietnamese Young Government Officials in order for information sharing and dissemination. ・(Quarterly or when necessary) Make contact with Japanese participants who joined the exchange program. ・(Continuously) Keep on study and research on Japan and enhance our understanding through mass media or cultural exchange programs. 12



Local Revit - Ministry of

JENESYS2016(In-bound Program)7th Batch Cambodia / Theme: Social (Decentralization/ Regional Creative Activities/ Local Revitalization) Vietnam / Theme...

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