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Ignition Timing Meter The ATI Ignition Timing Meter is a precision timing measurement instrument designed for engine development and testing where ignition timing and CAM timing measurement accuracy (steady-state and transient) is important. The IGTM-2000 provides an easy means for data acquisition systems to collect real-time measured ignition timing on spark ignited engines. Engine Signal Interface Ignition firing is detected by using an inductive spark plug wire sensor, connection to the ignition coil primary or connection to the ignition module coil trigger logic signal. Crankshaft reference position can be provided by a number of methods including user-installed and production engine position sensors. For most applications, installation may be simplified by connecting the IGTM-2000 in parallel to existing position sensors used by the production Engine Control Module (ECM). Intelligent Signal Conditioning Microprocessor controlled Intelligent Signal Conditioning dynamically adjust threshold and hysteresis levels when using VRS style magnetic sensors, to minimize interference under all operating conditions. Alternatively, all signal conditioning parameters may be manually preset by the operator. All parameter settings are retained in non-volatile memory. Timing Patterns Compatible with “patterned” (i.e. missing or extra tooth) crankshaft position signals. Popular automotive patterns are pre-programmed and additional custom patterns can be easily programmed by the operator. Maximum achievable transient timing measurement accuracy is always obtained for any given reference pattern.

Features • Accurate Timing Measurement (+/- 0.05 degree) (Ignition, Camshaft and Injector Timing) • Data Acquisition System Interface (Analog and RS-232) • Microprocessor Controlled Intelligent Signal Conditioning • Compatible and Adaptable with all Engine Ignition Systems • Compact Enclosure for Mounting in Test Cell or Vehicle

Typical Sources for Input Signals Reference Existing patterned crankshaft position sensor, one pulse-per-rev sensor (requires Angle input), TDC signal from OEM Ignition Module (GM-REF, Ford-PIP) or an optical shaft encoder index signal. Angle Optical shaft encoder angle signal or magnetic sensor detecting ring-gear teeth (requires a one pulse-per-rev or TDC signal). Trigger Low voltage event signal - OEM ignition module trigger signal (GM-EST, Ford-SPOUT, SAW) Spark High voltage event signal - Inductive plug wire sensor or ignition coil negative terminal


Ignition Timing Meter Specifications Signal Inputs Crankshaft Reference REF

Provides absolute timing reference Input voltage range +/-75 V Intelligent signal conditioning BNC connection

Crankshaft Angle ANG

Optional signal 36 to 3600 Pulse per rev signal Input voltage range +/-75 V Maximum frequency 500 kHz Intelligent signal conditioning BNC connection

Spark Event Trigger TRG

Low-level spark event signal Input voltage range +/-75 V Intelligent signal conditioning BNC connection

Spark Event Pulse SPK

High-level spark or injection event signal Inductive pickup or coil primary Programmable signal conditioning BNC connection

Signal Outputs Analog Ignition Timing ANO

Maximum output range -10.2 V to +10.2 V Programmable scaling, offset and range 12-bit D/A resolution (+/-0.005 V accuracy) BNC connection

Other Inputs/Outputs Power Supply

Requires 10 to 30 VDC @ 15 W maximum Internal regulated power supply Plug-in terminal strip connection

Communication Port

RS-232, 75 to 9600 Baud DB-9F (Industry Standard 9-pin) connection

Expansion Port

Out of range warning outputs (5 V logic) Sensor input monitor signals (5 V logic) Interface for Analog RPM Adapter accessory HDB-15F connection

General Display

(2) (4) (3) (4)

4-digit, 0.56 in (14.2 mm) display indicators Sensor input status LEDs Operating mode LEDs Pushbutton switches


Black aluminum, water and oil resistant Approximate dimensions: 180 x 105 x 43 mm/ 7.1 x 4.1 x 1.7 in Weight: 1.2 kg / 2.6 lbs


Ignition Timing Meter Order Information Product Part Number 100-0001

Description IGTM-2000

Accessories Part Number


Accessory 100-0003

Analog RPM Adapter; produces an analog voltage output for RPM when connected to the IGTM-2000 Expansion port


Differential Input Module; ensures that all production ECU sensor outputs will be “true Zero cross”



Cable Analog RPM Adapter; Connects the Analog RPM Adapter to the Ignition Timing Meter; length: 6ft



Inductive Spark Plug Wire Sensor: measures spark event (or engine speed) when clamped around a Secondary Ignition cable

Power 102-0006

DC Power Plug, 2-pin open connector

IGTM-2000 Connections

Contact ATI Sales at: [email protected]

Accurate Technologies Inc. is continually improving it products and reserves the right to alter the specifications of its products at any time without notice.



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Ignition Timing Meter - Accurate Technologies

Ignition Timing Meter The ATI Ignition Timing Meter is a precision timing measurement instrument designed for engine development and testing where ign...

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