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Advanced Water Heater Specification

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Advanced Water Heater Specification Utilities, energy efficiency organizations and market partners developed the Northern Climate Specification seven years ago to advance higher performing heat pump water heaters. An updated version of the specification has been released, and is renamed the Advanced Water Heater Specification.

Heat pump water heaters have the potential to save the Northwest nearly 289 aMW by 2035, the equivalent to powering almost 211,000 homes each year.

While this specification is rooted in ensuring performance in cooler northern climates, its applicability and benefits extend well

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beyond the Northwest. The updated specification also enhances the end goal of NEEA's HPWH program - to influence the


passage of a 2025 federal standard requiring HPWHs for all electric storage tanks greater than 45 gallons in size.

Qualified Products List A list of products that have been tested and found to be compliant to the Advanced Water Heater Specification. This list will be updated as additional products are qualified, based on the specification. PDF, 99.81 KB Advanced Water Heater Specification The current version of the specification PDF, 424.33 KB Northern Climate EF Calculator A calculator to determine the Northern Climate EF based on input variables measured in testing. XLS, 40.00 KB Qualified Products Process Flow Process flow for getting products onto the Qualified Products List. PDF, 212.64 KB Product Assessment Worksheet A worksheet to aid manufacturers and other organizations in reporting results for Northern Climate compliance testing. PDF, 191.42 KB

Lab Test Reports These lab test reports inform the Qualified Products List for Heat Pump Water Heaters. HPWH Lab Report_Sanden GAU_09.18.2013 PDF, 2.37 MB HPWH Lab Report_AO Smith_HPTU_12.09.2015 PDF, 1.90 MB HPWH Lab Report_Stiebel_220e_07.30.2015 PDF, 1018.74 KB HPWH Lab Report_GE_H50DFEJSRA_04.09.2015 PDF, 1.90 MB HPWH Lab Report_Sanden_GES_HPWH_11.06.2013 PDF, 846.64 KB HPWH Lab Report_AirGenerate_ATI66_02.22.2012 PDF, 1.35 MB HPWH Lab Report_AOSmith_PHPT_02.13.2012 PDF, 1.05 MB HPWH Lab Report_Rheem_HB50_06.28.2013 PDF, 690.84 KB HPWH Lab Report_AirGenerate_ATI80_03.21.2013 PDF, 923.23 KB HPWH Lab Report_GE_Gen2_09.28.2012 PDF, 870.74 KB

*Note: NEEA has tested numerous products for compliance, but does not claim to have tested all HPWH products that may be on the market. NEEA makes a determination regarding compliance to the specification based on available test results and product assessments. We encourage manufacturers to contact us with questions, and to report compliance testing via the Product Assessment Worksheet.

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Advanced Water Heater Specification

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